The Story of Ferrara Candy Company

Get ready for one tasty tale.

Nello Ferrara

Although Ferrara Candy Company now consists of countless beloved brands, it all started with candy-coated almonds called Confetti. The year was 1900, and Salvatore Ferrara had just come to America from Nola, Italy. Selling candy was to be his trade in his new home of Chicago.

In 1908, Salvatore officially founded the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, and between then and 1919, his sugar-coated almond business took off.

Ferrara Candy Company factory in Forest Park, Ill.

In 1919, Salvatore Ferrara partnered with Salvatore Buffardi and Anello Pagano — all brothers-in-law — to make a wide variety of confections. They constructed their new manufacturing facility at 2200 W. Taylor St. in Chicago — the same site where the original Ferrara Bakery still stands. To this day, the Ferrara, Buffardi and Pagano families continue to manage the Ferrara Candy Company in partnership with Catterton Partners.

In 2012, a chance encounter of two friends at the airport led way to candy history and the next chapter for Ferrara Pan Candy Company. Sal Ferrara, Ferrara Pan’s CEO and grandson of Salvatore, bumped into Liam Killeen, CEO of Minnesota-based Farley’s & Sathers, at O’Hare International Airport. When catching up turned to talking shop, the two quickly realized merging companies would create a world-class confectionary like never before.

Newly headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Ferrara Candy Company is equipped with the latest automatic manufacturing and packaging equipment, and all confections are made from the very finest of pure, wholesome ingredients.

Ferrara Candy Company Chairman and CEO Sal Ferrara

The company’s delicious list of brands is longer than ever. Ferrara Pan classics include ATOMIC FIREBALLS®, BLACK FOREST® Gummies, BOSTON BAKED BEANS, JAWBUSTERS®, LEMONHEAD® and RED HOTS®. Ferrara Candy Company is also now the proud producers of BOBS® Sweet Stripes, BRACH’S®, CHUCKLES®, FRUIT STRIPE® Gum, JUJYFRUITS®, NOW AND LATER® , RAIN-BLO®, SATHERS®, SUPER BUBBLE® and TROLLI® Gummies.

Ferrara Candy Company headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.

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Rollo Tamasi.