Posted 05-10-17
Ferrara Candy Company Employees Participate in CROP Hunger Walk to Raise Money to End Hunger

Chicago Tribune

On May 7th, Ferrara Candy Company employees participated in the CROP Hunger Walkathon West Crop Hunger Walk, in Oak Park, Illinois. The Ferrara "Sharing Goodness" team raised $3,520 to help raise awareness of the hunger epidemic in and around the local community.

"This is Ferrara's first year participating in, and collecting donations for, the CROP Hunger Walk," said Marlene Evans, Senior IT Director, Finance/HR at Ferrara Candy Company. "We're proud to have raised a donation amount that exceeds our initial goal. With the possibility for our employees to participate and/or give donations, we're all presented with opportunity way to give back to the communities we serve. Hunger is a grave issue for communities worldwide and every bit of help counts - even if it's a simple discussion, bringing awareness to the widespread issue."

Ferrara Candy Company is committed to being a good neighbor to the communities in which their factories and headquarters are located. CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events designed to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world.