Posted 05-24-18
Ferrara, Nestlé Roll Out Combined Sales Force

Ferrara, Nestlé Roll Out Combined Sales Force


May 24, 2018


Chicago — Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. and Nestlé USA, Inc. presented a combined sales force to the trade this morning for the first time since coming together under the Ferrero Group umbrella.

“We view the merger as bringing together two very strong portfolios and our intent is to combine that with a team that is motivated to grow sales for our customers. Ultimately, that is our overarching mandate,” Todd Siwak, Ferrara CEO tells Candy & Snack TODAY.

He notes the first move was to bring a direct relationship with retailers, building out the team channel by channel and customer by customer.

With the sales team assembled, Siwak explained the focus will now be on improving everyday items, while putting extra emphasis on seasonal products. Of course, the combined firm has a leg up in both markets, as it is the second largest manufacturer for everyday non-chocolate, the sales leader for seasonal non-chocolate and the fourth largest player in chocolate, according to Ferrara’s CEO.

“By virtue of our combined scale, we can provide our retail partners with real-time insights to help them really grow the business,” he says, adding that bringing the sales teams together is just the first step in the merging, with all divisions to be integrated in the coming months.

Siwak explains the company plans to improve its core by bringing fresh concepts to baseline products.

For example, he says the company is looking at the Butterfinger brand and how to improve the quality of the chocolate and peanuts it sources, while the bars’ packaging will get updated with new graphics and formats to enhance freshness.

“As we prioritize our investment across the portfolio, we’ll focus on the larger brands, but we won’t leave behind any line. We have a lot of brands that have break out potential,” he says, highlighting the potential for Black Forest and SweeTarts. “It really excites me that our scale now allows for more capabilities around innovation.”

He tells Candy & Snack TODAY Ferrero has embraced the long-term vision of the combined companies. “Where we need support, Ferrero is there and excited to provide it.”