Get in the zone with Now & Later Fruit Chews. When it’s time to focus and feed your favorite passion, reach for the tart taffy treat with the longest lasting flavor and the longest lasting chew. Now & Later Fruit Chews Candy — smooth, juicy and full of flavor just like you.

This Tangy blast of sour apple will keep the doctor away.
Now & Later Apple
The flavor in this long lasting chew will make you want to monkey around.
Now & Later Banana
This tart and tangy chew is exploding with flavor that isn’t for the weak at heart.
Now & Later Blue Raspberry
Everyone’s favorite flavors now in one Epic fruit Chew.
Now & Later Cherry Apple Split
Classic cherry is a party in your mouth that will go until the Break of Dawn!
Now & Later Cherry
Dive mouth first into this intense fruit chew bursting with Grape flavor.
Now & Later Grape
Escape the ordinary with everyone’s favorite flavor. A lengthy chew that you’ll wish lasted all summer.
Now & Later Strawberry
Take a vacation from the ordinary with this fruit chew bursting with your favorite lemonade flavors.
Now & Later Tropical Lemonade
Extend your tropical vacation with this intense fruit chew.
Dive into the burst of watermelon in this intense fruit chew and it’ll be summer in your mouth year round.
Now & Later Watermelon
The soft and chewy flavor of the wild berry will bring out your wild side.
Now & Later Wildberry
Now & Later candy

Take a dare – try your favorite Now & Later in this unique apple flavor!

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