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We are Ferrara. We are an undisputed leader in sweet snacking. We believe in sharing delight in every bite.

Through high-quality products, superior innovation, and a portfolio of loved brands, Ferrara continues to win in the sweet spot of snacking. We keep our finger on the pulse of what our consumers want: the legendary favorites they love and new flavors and products they desire.

Our Values

Our values help our people succeed:

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We Are Empowering

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We Are Collaborative

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We Are

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We Lead With Integrity

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We Are Empathetic

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Ferrara Fun Facts

We produce 140 million bags of Famous Amos cookies annually

We produce approximately 2 million pieces of our iconic Lemonhead candy per day

Chuckles® have been around longer than talking movies

Last year we made 59,863,552 sugar cones – more than enough to circle the Earth one time!

We make 319,032 Fudge Stripe Cookies per hour – it would take us 48 days to make enough to go the length of the Great Wall of China (13,170 miles)

In one year we have produced 38 Million Nerds ropes: that’s enough for every citizen of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to have 2 ropes each