Expanded Organic Line Includes Four New Offerings

Expanded Organic Line Includes Four New Offerings


Following the success of Black Forest Organic gummies launched in 2015, Ferrara Candy Company is expanding its line of USDA certified organic candies with four new offerings: Fruity Chews, Sour Heads, Candy Drops and Caramel Hard Candies. With sales of organic foods growing at extraordinary rates, Ferrara is unlocking the organic confection market potential with its newly developed organic infrastructure.

“As the largest non-chocolate manufacturer in the U.S., we recognized the opportunity for organic confections based on consumer desires and retailer needs,” said Todd Siwak, CEO, Ferrara Candy Co. “We invested more than $25MM in the development of a complete organic infrastructure to produce high quality, delicious tasting organic confections offered at a reasonable premium compared to non-organic versions. This investment enables us to continue to innovate and expand our organic offering. These efforts and more will help us reach our goal of doubling sales to $2 billion by 2020.”

With a dedicated research and development team leading the way, Ferrara has expanded its Black Forest Organic portfolio to address the latest marketplace trends including sour, the fastest growing flavor profile; fruit chews, the largest segment in non-chocolate; and hard candy, which has a significant loyal following. The result is Black Forest Organic Sour Heads, Fruity Chews, Candy Drops and Caramel Hard Candies. These new offerings join the original lineup of Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears, Worms and Cherries. Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears were recently named America’s Best Tasting Gummy Bear in a national taste preference test.

“Our Black Forest Organic products are USDA certified organic… and certifiably delicious. The new sours, fruit chews and hard candy join our organic gummies and fruit snacks in delivering terrific taste and variety to consumers,” said Jamie Mattikow, Chief Commercial Officer. “Our launch will be supported with a strong $10MM campaign, including new digital and social marketing and in-store activations. We will continue to expand our line into new segments and flavors that delight our consumers.”

All Black Forest Organic candy is certified USDA Organic by Quality Assurance International, an authorized certifying agent. The USDA Organic seal indicates that the candy contains at least 95% organic ingredients and is made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs. The seal also requires organic candy to be made in its own dedicated manufacturing line to prohibit the co-mingling with non-organic products. The candy is also gluten and fat free, with no artificial flavors and colors from natural sources like carrots, turmeric and red beets.

Black Forest Organic candies are available in four and six-ounce bags. Select products will also be available in a two-ounce single pack, a two and three-quarter-ounce share pack and eight-ounce stand up pouch. The four-ounce organic candies retail at the affordable price point of $1.29–$1.99 per pack. New Sour Heads are available in Mixed Fruit and Watermelon. New Fruity Chews and Candy Drops are available in Mixed Fruit.

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