Ferrara and 7-Eleven Introduce Sour Brite Weird Beards

Ferrara and 7-Eleven Introduce Sour Brite Weird Beards


Ferrara Candy Company’s Trolli® brand is getting Weirdly Awesome® with 7-Eleven, Inc. to launch Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards candy. Inspired by the iconic beard of basketball star James Harden, the new sour gummi is available at participating 7-Eleven® stores for a limited time.

To create excitement around the new Sour Brite Weird Beards, Trolli created a Crawlers for Ballers campaign that includes in-store displays and social media. Eye-catching Weirdly Awesome displays will debut inside 7-Eleven stores with larger-than-life images of Harden’s face and iconic beard, splashed with Trolli’s bright colors and most popular flavor combinations — Cherry/Lemon (red/yellow), Strawberry/Grape (pink/blue) and Orange/Lime (orange/green).

“We created the Crawlers for Bawlers campaign to combine James Harden’s love for basketball with our popular Sour Brite Crawlers,” said Allison Wyrwicz, brand manager at Ferrara Candy Company. “Weird Beards will help us reach our current fans in a fun way, and grab the attention of the Generation Z and Millennial Trolli fans who shop at 7-Eleven.”

“As the largest U.S. convenience store chain retailer, 7-Eleven brings not only the power of its brand but also savvy, sports-centric shoppers who will appreciate our new Weird Beards candy,” said Chris Avery, vice president of convenience channel of Ferrara Candy Company. “James’ basketball fan base will enjoy getting inside his head throughout May and June, coinciding with the national basketball playoffs.”

A Weird Beard promotion on 7Rewards®, 7-Eleven’s smartphone app, will feature surprise giveaways during the two-month Crawlers for Ballers campaign. Weird Beard contests and giveaways will also pop up unexpectedly on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Even James Harden, himself, may pop up in additional weird and awesome ways throughout the campaign.

“7-Eleven is always looking for new and different on-trend products to bring to our customers. Trolli’s new Weird Beard candy definitely meets those requirements,” said Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for 7-Eleven. “The in-store displays and social media campaign add fun and differentiating elements that our customers have come to expect and enjoy from us.”

Ferrara Candy Company’s Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards are available at participating 7-Eleven locations in the U.S. through June 30.

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