Ferrara Is Reinventing Classic Candies

Ferrara Is Reinventing Classic Candies

By Joanna Fantozzi — 10/16/2018

When Ferrara (an affiliate of Ferrero Group — the company behind Nutella and Tic Tacs) bought out Nestle’s confectionery brands in January 2018, iconic candy brands including Crunch bars, SweeTarts, BabyRuth, Snocaps, Raisinets, and Nerds fell under new ownership.

But along with the brand acquisitions — which Nestle sold for $2.8 billion to focus on “nutrition, health and wellness” products like water, pet food, and nutritious snacks — Ferrara plans to bring a little ‘oomph’ to struggling candy brands in an increasingly health conscious world.

According to Confectionery News, Ferrara plans to completely make over select candy brands, including the Crunch Bar and Butterfinger, which will make their rebrand debut in stores starting in 2019.

“We are introducing an improved recipe of Butterfinger, so we’ve been doubling down, bringing better ingredients and better packaging to deliver to those people who love the brand and those intrigued by its uniqueness intro trying it for the first time,” Kristen Mandel, senior director of marketing for Ferrara told Confectionery News.

But don’t worry, candy fans: the changes coming to Butterfinger won’t be that drastic: there will still be crunchy peanut butter insides coated in chocolate. Mandel explained that the new Butterfinger would have a more “Chocolaty-forward coating” with more of a “real milk” flavor profile. In addition, the candy bar’s filling will upgrade its peanut roasting process (resulting in a stronger peanut flavor) and ditch artificial preservatives, including TBHQ, a synthetic antioxidant with a controversial reputation.

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