Going Organic with Black Forest’s New Line

Going Organic with Black Forest’s New Line

By Douglas Yu — 12/03/2015

Ferrara Candy Company’s Black Forest brand has launched its first USDA-certified organic gummies, which are currently available at Kroger, and will be rolling out to major US retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS and Dollar Tree in January.

Black Forest Organic gummies are mainly targeted at Millennials and multicultural groups.

The new SKU will be 30% more expensive than conventional Black Forest gummies. Most of their organic ingredients are globally sourced, such as the tapioca extracted from sweet potatoes in South America.

Organic is a trending market

Even though there are fruit chews and gummies on the market that contain organic ingredients there isn’t a major brand that offers USDA-certified organic confections, Ferrara CEO Todd Siwak told Confectionery News. He said organic was becoming mainstream in sugar confectionery.‘We project the Organic non-chocolate confection segment to achieve a 5-10% share (in the $375m-$750m range) of the overall non-chocolate industry (currently $7.5 BN) over the next 7-10 years,’ he said.

Via Confectionery News.

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