Instagram Is Freaking Out About Brach’s New Mermaid Candy Corn




The food world is admittedly in somewhat of a mermaid craze at the moment. We're not really sure what triggered this under the sea obsession, but we're most definitely not complaining. Bring on all the glittery magic.

The past few months have been riddled with mermaid themed cakes, smarties, and cereals. Now, Brach's—the ultimate candy corn authority—is gracing us with mermaid-themed candy corn that comes with six different candy flavors. Step aside, #hotgirlsummer, we're rebranding summer 2019 as #mermaidmania. It's time.

News of the most recent release came from none other than @JunkFoodMom—one of our go-to sweet-spotting sources.

Her caption has very exciting details. In true mermaid spirit, the candy corn comes in atypical shapes and colors including hearts, shells, stars, and obviously mermaid shaped pieces. How freakin' awesome?!

Brach's is stepping up their game in the flavor department too. The new release features strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape, raspberry, and orange. @JunkFoodMom says, "Nothing beats the original flavor, but I didn’t mind these. Especially the green apple mermaids. ??‍♀️."


Followers had a lot to say about this new addition to the Brach's lineup and were chiming in with their excitement—or lack thereof—for the mermaid trend. One fan writes, "Well, it looks like the mermaids are starting to take over lol." Another calls out the obsession with, "This mermaid/unicorn trend has to stop." Thankfully, some are still acknowledging the awesomeness of the new launch. "Omg!!! I want mermaid ??‍♀️ ?."

So far, the Mermaid Fruity Candy Corn has only been spotted at Kroger. Last year's Unicorn Candy Corn was only available at the retailer, too. While unconfirmed, it's reasonable to guess that this new-edition may be exclusive to Kroger stores.

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