Laffy Taffy Partners with Actor and Comedian Joel McHale to Launch

laffy taffy


Laffy Taffy may be known for having jokes on the wrapper, but this year the brand played the ultimate joke on their fans with a partnership with comedian, actor and writer Joel McHale. Together, they sparked a rumor surrounding the missing, beloved banana flavored candy.

Fans took notice and tens of thousands of Americans were speculating over the whereabouts of Laffy Taffy's best-selling banana-flavored candy flavor. However, fans ultimately received a sweet reward when on April Fool's Day Ferrara Candy Company, the makers of Laffy Taffy, announced the launch of a banana-only flavored bag of Laffy Taffy.

The limited edition "GONE BANANAS!" Laffy Taffy candy is available in a 3.5 oz. peg bag nationwide for a suggested retail price of one dollar.

"Across the industry we've found consumers are partial to their favorite flavors but in our experience, no flavor has been quite as polarizing as our banana flavored Laffy Taffy," said Brian Lutz, Laffy Taffy brand manager at Ferrara Candy Company. "Our research shows sixty-one percent* of Americans identify banana-flavored Laffy Taffy as their favorite flavor. We built a light-hearted prank surrounding this key insight and had some fun with fans along the way."

Close to one week before April 1, Joel McHale posted a photo on his social media accounts, in which he alludes to a lack of banana flavor. In the post, he poses with an assortment of Laffy Taffy products, with the banana flavor noticeably absent.

"We knew those who love the banana flavor are very passionate about the flavor, and as this joke demonstrated, it certainly got people talking about the brand. We're excited to launch our banana-only bag of Laffy Taffy and want to give our deep thanks to all those who helped make this the best April Fool's Day prank we've ever done, whether they knew they were a part of it or not."

Beyond the "Gone Bananas" product, a wide assortment of Laffy Taffy products are available at mass market, grocery, drug and convenience retailers nationwide, in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.34 oz. pieces to 48 oz. bags. To learn more about the Laffy Taffy brand and products please visit the brand's website at or join the conversation on Facebook (@laffytaffy) and Instagram (laffytaffy).

Via PR Newswire