Laffy Taffy Trolls Are Here

By Jennifer Swartvagher —

Laffy Taffy Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour is now available for streaming. Candy makes the perfect treat for the family to enjoy while watching movies at home. Laffy Taffy has released a limited-edition candy line inspired by the film.

These Trolls-themed mini bars feature six new flavors and over 80 new Trolls-themed jokes on each wrapper. They are available for shipping by most national retailers, or you can check the Laffy Taffy site and click on “where to buy.”

The six, new, limited-edition Laffy Taffy Trolls flavors are inspired by each of the six different Trolls tribes featured in the film. Each flavor features one of the Trolls characters on its wrapper such as Queen Poppy’s Strawberry Cream and Queen Barb’s Dark Cherry. Other flavors include Prince D’s Orange, Trollex’s Pineapple, Trollzart’s Coconut and Delta Dawn’s Apple Pie. 

Laffy Taffy Trolls candies are available now in two sizes: 3.8 oz. bag for $1.49 and 12 oz. bag for $2.99. Find where to buy here.

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