Meet the People of the Black Forest

Meet the People of the Black Forest

By David Gianatasio — 04/26/2018

We’re not talking about the the real Black Forest in Germany, but a fictional locale where folks stroll around in suits of straw, play ginormous alpenhorns, and engage in silly suggestive rituals to harvest gummy candies from trees.

In their wacky world, “So Juicy, Ja!” is the standard greeting, shout of excitement or expression of choice for just about any situation.

It’s also the tagline of agency Joan Creative’s audaciously absurd first campaign for Ferrara’s Black Forest brand. The 80-second spot below fuses Skittles-styles humor with the goofy pastoral vibe of old Ricola commercials, adding a mythic Games of Thrones old-gods sensibility.

It’s self-consciously dumb and mildly NSFW (if your coworkers can’t appreciate the proud, blood-pumping traditions of the gummy harvest).

Via Adweek.

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