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Calling me from Las Vegas, Nevada, where Melissa Joan Hart had flown in with her son Braydon to partner with NERDS at the grand opening of IT’SUGAR’s new store, it was clear that the actress is always on the go. The 43-year-old is a mom of three sons: Mason, 13, Braydon, 11, and Tucker, 6, and currently stars in Netflix’s No Good Nick. In May, the former Clarissa Explains It All star announced she was returning to Nickelodeon for the animates series The Casagrandes, which is a companion series to The Loud House (where Hart voices the character of Mrs. Chang).

“It’s really awesome to be back on the network,” Hart tells of The Casagrandes, which will premiere in October. “It’s so exciting.”

All good stuff, but Hart admittedly says she’s definitely busy. “It’s a lot to handle,” she shares. “It’s a matter of keeping a really tight calendar and setting priorities. Some days, you know, my kid’s football game is the priority, and other days it’s the school concert or going to the local recording studio.”

So how does she pack it all in? The Sabrina, the Teenage Witch starlet, who’s based in Lake Tahoe, CA and has been married to Mark Wilkerson since 2003, shared her morning routine with us.

6:50 a.m: I need to let my alarm go off like two or three times before I actually get out of bed. And then I like to read my email or check Instagram if I’m really just feeling like not being productive! Sometimes before my feet hit the floor, I say a little prayer just for what I need strength for that day.

7 a.m: I always shower in the morning. My hair dries really straight, so I just like to shower so I don’t have to blow dry it.

7:15 a.m: My 6 year old likes to be carried still, so I throw him on my back in a piggyback and carry him downstairs and we chat on the couch, discussing the day. When I’m not working or traveling, I stay in my bathrobe for a very long time. I’ll drop my kids to school wearing my bathrobe and totally embarrass them!

7:35 a.m: One son has to be at school early at 7:45, so I usually drive him in my bathrobe and I come home.

7:50 a.m: Some days, I just have a quick NutriSystem shake. I just like the chocolate flavor—sometimes I add a banana to it. Or my husband is usually making pancakes and omelettes, and I’ll poach some eggs for myself. I get myself a cup of tea and since the other two kids don’t have to be at school for another hour at 8:45, we’ll usually finish up homework from the night before. Or we watch shows like The Loud House or Henry Danger on Nickelodeon.

8:15 a.m: My husband and I just clean up breakfast and take turns getting ready for the day. I usually get dressed in my workout gear.

8:30 a.m: It’s always a mad rush! Even though we’ve sat around for a long portion of the morning, having our coffee and tea and whatnot, all of a sudden it’s that craziness of trying to get out of the door: ‘Hurry, hurry, brush your teeth! Where are your shoes? Where’s your homework? Where’s the library book you have to return? Did you do your projects and all that stuff? Did anyone walk the dog?”

8:50 a.m: The kids are dropped off, and then my husband and I go to the gym or for a hike, which is my favorite activity in Tahoe. I love to go all around to all the different trails and explore the peak. And we have our rescue dog, a border collie/boxer mix, and we take her with us on the hike. And she loves it! She tears through the woods, sleds herself down on the snow, giving herself a thrill. I try to catch it on video but she always stops when I get the camera going!

9:30 a.m: If we do go to the gym, we do a lot of box jumping, jump rope, TRX straps, weights, free weights. And I really like to get on my Peloton on days when I don’t get to the gym. I mix it up, but instructor Ally Love is definitely a favorite. I do it based on time and music—depending if I have 10 minutes or 40 minutes to hop on it. I change it up!

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