Sloths Meet Slurpees in Trolli & 7-Eleven’s New Campaign

Sloths Meet Slurpees in Trolli & 7-Eleven’s New Campaign

By Alyse Thompson — 03/22/2017

Ferrara Candy Company has partnered with 7-Eleven on a sloth-themed marketing campaign that features gummies and a Slurpee flavor exclusive to the c-store chain.

Under what both companies deem a “Weirdly Awesome” collaboration, 7-Eleven will carry Trolli Sour Brite gummies shaped like sloths at participating locations, retailing at $1.39 per bag. The c-stores will also have a Trolli-branded Slurpee in Pineapple Lime.

Trolli is thrilled to be collaborating with 7-Eleven to combine the most Weirdly Awesome animal in the world with Trolli’s perfect combination of sweet and sour candy, delivering a one-of-a-kind Slurpee experience,” says Jill Manchester, Ferrara Senior VP of Marketing and Brand Innovation. “In our Weirdly Slothsome world, Sour Brite Sloths love Slurpee drinks, especially our new lip-smacking Pineapple Lime flavor.”

Special straws retailing at $1.99 will also be available. The straws also come with a 2-oz. bag of Trolli sloths.

Via the Candy Industry

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