SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are Wonder Woman approved

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are Wonder Woman approved

By Cristine Struble — 05/02/2020

SweeTarts Golden RopesWhile Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t out yet, SweeTARTS Golden Ropes will be hitting stores soon. Are you ready for this new licorice rope of tastiness?

Candy and movies are a classic combination. The new SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are the perfect sweet treat to get excited about the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie. While these candies might not be magical, they will make you want to grab another package.

SweeTARTS have been known for its sweet, yet tart flavor combinations. While the classic candy will always have a place in the candy aisle, new innovations have piqued candy fans’ interests.
From bolder flavors to innovative textures, the candy is more than just that original little circular treat. Chewy textures and ropes have made eating this candy fun.

The newest SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are both a flavor innovation and a fun movie connection. Of course, the visual that is reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s iconic golden lasso is clear. While these ropes might not have that mystical power, many fans will want to buy a bag just because.

For candy fans, the flavor will entice them to open more than one package. The tropical flavored licorice rope has a tart flavored center. Similar to the other rope flavors, the texture is chewy and each bite offers that perfect flavor combination.

At last year’s Sweet and Snacks Expo, I was able to try the SweeTARTS Golden Ropes before it hit stores. The tropical flavors reminded me of a tarter fruit punch. The sweet was clear, but the tart center kept the flavor balanced. That little bit of pucker made me go back bite after bite.

While many people will try these candies for the movie connection, they will go back because of the flavor. With warm summer months ahead, it is refreshingly tart and satisfying.


by Christine Struble via FoodSided.com

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