Trolli Outdoes Itself with “Weirdly Awesome” Concepts

Trolli Outdoes Itself with “Weirdly Awesome” Concepts

By Karlene Lukovitz — 03/31/2016

The Trolli sour gummy brand continues to top itself with ever more surrealistic concepts for its “Weirdly Awesome” campaign. As previously reported, in February, to promote its new Sour Brite Crawlers line, the brand released a 30-second TV spot/video that gave viewers a bizarre look inside the head of the Houston Rockets’ James Harden.

Fans’ enthusiastic sharing of Harden’s first Trolli spot helped generate the brand’s highest social engagement to date with its core audience of Millennials and Gen Z consumers, Jill Manchester, SVP marketing and brand strategy for Ferrara Candy Company, tells Marketing Daily. The spot also increased awareness of the Trolli brand among Harden’s fan base and the broader basketball enthusiast audience, she says.

“As the largest U.S. convenience store chain retailer, 7-Eleven brings not only the power of its brand but also savvy, sports-centric shoppers who will appreciate our new Weird Beards candy,” said Chris Avery, vice president of convenience channel of Ferrara Candy Company. “James’ basketball fan base will enjoy getting inside his head throughout May and June, coinciding with the national basketball playoffs.”

In mid-March, Trolli and its creative agency, Periscope, released another outrageous — but Harden-free — spot, also set in the bleachers at a high school basketball court. That 15-second spot features a teenage girl checking out a fellow high-school student who’s sporting a three foot-tall flat-top afro inhabited by a menagerie of live cats, dubbed a “cat-fro” or “cat condo.”

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