Black Forest®

Welcome to Black Forest® — home of America’s first USDA Certified Organic gummies available nationwide.

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The mouthwatering combination of scrumptious crisped rice and rich chocolate packs an unmistakable CRUNCH!

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Inventors of the gummy worm—and a ton of other crazy creations that don’t mess around when it comes to being sweet, sour, and weirdly awesome.

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Made for sharing. Sweeten everyday moments with the iconic flavors of these irresistible little legends.

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Sweet and tart come together to pack a flavor punch.

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It's crispety, it's crunchety, it's peanut-buttery—it's in a class of its own.

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The Future Looks Pretty Sweet

We’ve been sharing delight in every bite since 1908, when Salvatore Ferrara began selling candy-coated almonds from his bakery in Chicago’s Little Italy.

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A Whole Team of Candy Heroes

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Ferrara Fun Facts

We produce 800 million pounds of candy and 42 million pounds of fruit snacks annually

We consume 8 million bushels of corn annually 

We consume 250 million pounds of sugar annually

We produce roughly 800,000 feet of SweeTARTS Ropes daily, the equivalent of 2,700 football fields

Ernie, the Keebler Elf, is 50 years old! He made his debut in 1969, the same year man first landed on the moon

We produce 127 lbs. of Trolli Sour Bite Worms per minute

We make approximately 135,000 pounds of NERDS daily

We produce 140 million bags of Famous Amos cookies annually

We produce approximately 2 million pieces of our iconic Lemonhead candy per day

Chuckles® have been around longer than talking movies

Last year we made 59,863,552 sugar cones – more than enough to circle the Earth one time!

We make 319,032 Fudge Stripe Cookies per hour – it would take us 48 days to make enough to go the length of the Great Wall of China (13,170 miles)

In one year we have produced 38 Million Nerds ropes: that’s enough for every citizen of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to have 2 ropes each