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Women Who Lead

Nurturing a Network of Dynamic Leaders

Ferrara Women Who Lead is an inclusive employee resource group whose mission is to build a network of strong, dynamic women who help to lead, support and grow both themselves and the organization.

Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are an essential tool for any company that hopes to build a thoughtful, inclusive culture for its employees.

A Mission-Driven Community

Women Who Lead focuses on four pillars for its members:

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This includes networking, support, social engagement and mentoring. The group has brought this pillar to life for members through happy hours, breakfasts, a mentoring program, connecting with local colleges, book clubs and more.

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This includes skills, career pathing and cross-functional collaboration. The group has helped members focus on development through job shadowing opportunities, panel discussions, training sessions, leader lunches and more.

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This includes volunteer opportunities, fundraising and paying-it-forward. Past group community events have included Dress for Success fundraising, women’s shelter volunteering and fundraising and Bring Your Child to Work Day.

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This includes efforts focused on recruiting and retention—as any ERG needs a robust team to succeed!

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