Brach’s Has Their Own Conversation Hearts And This Year They Say Things Like ‘YAAAS’ And ‘GOAT’


Brachs New Heart 2 Heart Candy

ICYMI: We've been without classic conversation hearts for what's going on two years now. Last year they weren't made at all, and this year, they'll be around, but could look a lot different. Luckily, Brach's has their own version of conversation hearts—with an entirely updated set of phrases.

Brach's announced that in addition to releasing classic Valentine's Day candies this year, like Tiny Conversation Hearts and SweeTARTS Conversation Hearts, they would also have Heart 2 Heart Tiny Conversation Hearts. This new candy features different Valentine's Day messages in flavors like banana, orange, grape, cherry, and lemon.

In addition to classic messages like "Be Mine" and "Luv U," the hearts would also have some more modern messages like "Bestie," "Bae," "YAAAS," and "GOAT" (which means Greatest of All Time, for those who don't know).

While these aren't exactly the same as those deliciously chalky conversation hearts you may be used to from Necco (now Spangler Candy Co.) these seem like a pretty genius gift to make your valentine laugh or to munch on yourself while watching endless rom-coms and contemplating the state of your love life. Come on! They'll make you smile!

If these types of candies aren't your thing, the good news is Valentine's Day means there are endless romantic candies for you to try from chocolate to sour to gummy. I mean, I think you should try them all...just to be safe.