New SweeTarts Ropes Bites, And SweeTarts Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries Roll Out Nationwide

By Bob Miller —



SweeTarts Ropes Bites offer fans the opportunity to enjoy the popular Soft and Chewy Ropes in bite-sized pieces, featuring a mix of five fruity flavors and colors packed with a tart, fruit-punch center including: Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange and Blue Punch.

SweeTarts Ropes Bites are available in four sizes, including a 3-oz value peg for a suggested price of $1.49, a 3.5-oz share pack for $1.49, a 5.25-oz peg bag for $1.99, and an 8-oz stand up bag for $2.99.

Meanwhile, SweeTarts Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries represents an extension of the brand’s Mini Chewy line, featuring the classic SweeTarts flavor fusion in a chewy, coated candy. The new candy offers a variety of berry flavored options and colors in a mini chew including: Raspberry, Blackberry, Blue Berry Punch, Dark Cherry and Mixed Berry.

SweeTARTS Berries & Cherries are available in three sizes, including a 4-oz share pack for a suggested price of $1.49, a 3.75-oz concession bag for $1.49, and a 12-oz stand up bag for $2.99.

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