Summer Intern Program Welcomes Local Students

Summer Intern Program Welcomes Local Students

By Salmon Borre Group — 08/04/2016

Ferrara Candy Company has debuted its inaugural summer intern program that began June and runs through mid-August. It is designed to engage local students in the manufacturing industry and provide them with real-world insights into the types of opportunities available across the diverse facets of the 100-plus year-old Chicago candy manufacturing giant.

As part of its Engagement Council initiatives, Ferrara Candy Company worked with area community groups and identified five young adults from the local communities to participate in the program, which started June 27 and will conclude Aug. 11.

The program, adapted from the company’s management training program, provides in-depth exposure to a variety of departments -- from maintenance to quality assurance, safety, R&D, baking, molding, panning, packaging and beyond -- designed to help these students build an understanding of career opportunities in manufacturing.

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